Family burial Kraats is preserved in the historical cemetry Sorvali in the village Gvardeiskiy.
Gustav Waldemar Kraats (1859 - 1909), his wife Lyudiya Kraats (nee Filatova, 1861 - 1919) and their children, Paul (1897 - 1897), Inge (1903 - 1904) and Leo (1900 – 1922) are buried in the family tomb. Burial is on the Swedish-German part of Sorvali cemetery .

Gustav Waldemar Kraats for many years served as a gardener and manager of the MonRepos estate. Position he inherited from his father, Heinrich Julius Kraatsa (1820 - 1901).
Heinrich Julius Kraats was from Marienverdena in West Prussia. He received garden master education in Berlin, and later served in the imperial gardens in Warsaw.

In 1849 he received an invitation to the post of gardener at the estate of MonRepos with board and a salary of 200 silver rubles a year. In 1851 Heinrich Julius married Dane Caroline Augusta Christophersen.
In 1861, when the owner of the estate of MonRepos was Nikolai Pavlovich Nikolai, he changed position Kraats, made him not only the gardener, but also manager of the estate.

Gustav Waldemar Kraats was the second oldest son in the family. He was born October 26, 1859. In the early 1890s, he succeeded his father in office manager and gardener of the estate of MonRepos. The owners of the estate of MonRepos appreciated him as a worker and a family friend. New Year's greetings is preserved signed by Paul Ernst Georg (Pavel Nikolayevich) Nicolai for Gustav Woldemar Kraats in which the owner of MonRepos thanks manager for his service, inexhaustible energy for work and loyalty.
In 1909 Gustav Waldemar Kraats died during a trip to Holland for flower bulbs for MonRepos.
The wife of Gustav Woldemar, Lyudiya Kraats, fond of watercolors. Survived several types of MonRepos Park made by her.

Gardeners and managers Kraats truly worked for the benefit of the estate and MonRepos Park for 60 yearsб and during that time became close and trusted people to the owners of the estate of Baron Nicolai. In 1943, when Countess Sophia von der Pahlen,the last representative of the genus Nicolai died,Gustav Woldemar Kraatsa son of Henry Kraats arrived to her funeral.

Administration of museum reserve "MonRepos Park" took under patronage the family tomb Kraats. In July, 2015 the restoration works were carried out. Park stuff cleared area around the monument of debris and weeds.
Flowers will be plant over the tomb in spring.
In the future administration will follow the order and cleanliness of the monument.