Two days, September 4 and September 5, 2015 on the territory of the State Historical and Architectural Museum The Monrepos Park themed tour with the elements of the search game "In the footsteps of prehistoric man", which was attended by the children of 3-6 classes of schools № 12, № 14, №37, and MBOU "Gymnasium" and the Maritime School. For the children of the orphanage "SPRING", which is located in the town of Kalinin, it was a charity tour.
The unique action took place among woods and rocks, which poses a lot of mysteries. Each student had the opportunity to participate in a ritual hunt, check the vigilance of his eyes, throw the core in the image of a prehistoric mammoth.
Participation in the tour - the game «In the footsteps of prehistoric man" was not only informative, but also fun. Suffice it to list a few stops: "Primitive shooting", "Source - a keen eye," "Cave of prehistoric man", where you could see a rock painting of a distant era. The children met with stone tools of the time.
Coming to power, wonder-working power of the water is well known to all, rinsed his eyes in it, guys gets a special visual acuity for hunting. And then after passing "in the footsteps of the ancient people" finally finds in all its awesome splendor of "almost real" Mammoth! Everyone could make a colorful photo with the mammoth and get rare mammoth tattoo as a "print" on his arm.
Employees of the museum-reserve, in turn, thank the school staff for educational work for what they maintain interest to the park from their pupils. The Monrepos Park is always happy to meet with the younger generation and as always offers its famous theater and costumed presentation and reviews by schoolchildren and their teacher can say that hunting mammoths really a success !!!