Recently the former principal of the Vyborg art school Leonid Ivanovich Bondarikh and an old marble bust of unknown lady to the national «Monrepos Park».

Its discovery was made in the 1970s, when the Central park of culture and leisure of Kalinin was situated on today’s national park’s grounds. At that time, director was Alexandr Zaslavskiy, who organized events for troubled teenagers on the park’s territory. He worked with teens who were on file with the policeor already were under investigation. «He prepared a select area for them and got the permission to build a house for them. The children started working in the park as watermen, wageworkers or foresters. They did the cleaning, watered the plants, they built a bridge and under the command of the chief architect of Vyborg they even restored the wellspring which was destroyed in wartime. », - as told on the site dommira.narod.ru.

While some of this work was done under the floor of one of the wrecked buildings in the park the discovery of the marble bust was made. Zaslavskiy considered the discovered object an art piece that is the best to belong to the Vyborg art school. Leonid Bondaric says that it was highly requested by Alexandr Zaslavskiy not to give away the bust to anyone, but to establish the author and to put it underrestoration in time. It so happened that the marble beauty had been waiting for her time for 40 years.

As it only recently has been announced that the restoration project of The Monrepos Park had received all the required approval, which means that the financial support for the restoration of the homestead will be sent in, Leonid Bondarik has gifted the «Monrepos» national park with the bust of the mysterywoman.  

- At last or lovely bust will live a second life. I assume that the author of the bust could be the court sculptor Shubin,- said Leonid Ivanovich.

Fedot Ivanovich Shubin (1740-1805) mostly worked with marble and was a coeval to baron A.L.Nicolai (1737–1820) who bought the estate in the year1788.

As told by Alexandr Buyanov the director of the national park, after the registration of the bust into the park’s stock, the staff will start looking for restorers. The highest interest is in cooperation with the Russian museum.

It is known that there are two ways of restoration: conserving the piece of art in the state that it has been foundor reconstruction of the lost elements. It is too early to debate on which method of restoration will be used for the marble mystery woman: this problem will be tackled experts. Moreover, researchers will have to work on the bust’sattribution.

- On the old photos you can see, that there were busts in the Nicolai homestead, but there is nothing quite similar to this bust, - as told by the chief museum items keeper Valentin Bolgov,- undoubtedly, this bust is authentic, even if we don’t find out where was it originally placed we will surely find a place for it in the permanent exposition of the manor house.

The Monrepos Park restoration process only begins, which means there are many new interesting discoveries ahead. Follow the news.

Press Service of the"Monrepo" National Park