Within a month, participants go in the competition "Camera for the sunset" more than 1,500 photos of sunsets from different parts of the Leningrad region. By a vote of all the members of the jury were determined the most scenic panoramas - the winners were sunset scenery in the MonRepos Park in Vyborg, a view of the Gulf of Finland in Sosnovy Bor beach and the sunset on the shore of the pond Tabora Tikhvin near Assumption Monastery . These places will be new points on the tourist map of the region.The contest was supported by the Administration of the Leningrad Region.
The museum-reserve the MonRepos Park has already been installed bench happiness, the beauty of the setting sun can enjoy anyone.
"In our region we are really very beautiful scenery, and we would like to become known throughout Russia, beautiful sunsets become a stable association with the Leningrad Region.Competition was received with enthusiasm - his works were sent not only to locals but also visitors from other cities, tourists. It was a big work to select finalists, but I want to say that every job has been evaluated, it will find their place on the interactive map sunset panoramas, "- said Natalia Kononenko, chairman of the Committee on Culture of Leningrad region, an honorary member of the jury.
The competition was held by the Committee on Culture of Leningrad region, so the selected area will become a new point on the map of tourists trails in the region absolutely official.