1.     Restoration works in the Monrepos Park are maintained within the project "Conservation of the cultural heritage and ways of its operation in Russia"

       The Monrepos  Park is located in the municipality Vyborg region of Leningrad oblast, in the waterfront zone of Zaschitnaya bay that is a part of  Vyborg bay. The total area  of the park is 161,4 hectares, but only 35 hectares are under accomplishment and reconstruction works, that is the territory of historical park and vizitors’ zone.  

      Some basic park structures like  relief, historical planning, park forming alleys, mansion, and light architectural pavilions  still exist. But some are dramatically changed, like spices of trees and grasses, some pavilions. Old trees need to be cured, hydro system and drain water system are almost destroyed, bays are flooded, stone hedge is mostly broken or doesn’t exist at all.

During the first step of the project design and scientific findings on restoration and reconstruction works, as well as basic line review of park plantations are done. Currently, the general plan on historical restoration of mansion and park is under preparation.

In 2013 the following works are maintained: 

Restoration of the mansion
Restoration of landscape views
Restoration of light architectural pavilions
Restoration of Narcissus spring
Restoration of the stone hedges
Reconstruction of drainage system, cleaning of water reservoirs
Reconstruction of water front line
Restoration of historical dams
Restoration of ferry piers on Ludvigstain Island
Bottom dredging works
Demolishing of buildings build in 1950-1980
Restoration of historical landscape including sanitary lumbering
Restoration of flower beds
Restoration of earlier existing pavilions
Reconstruction of park paths and roads
Construction of engineering systems (security, lighting, watering)
During prefeasibility study the following works were implemented:  
Studies on archive materials
Historical and archive studies
Studies on  Engineering systems
Studies on plantations in green houses
Laboratory-analytical findings on facades and interiors
Repairs listing
Preliminary works:
Mapping of the park
Supporting planning
Combine planning
Archive and bibliographic survey on mansion, library wing and historical park.
Field studies
Architectural measurements
Archeological research
Plants’ inventory
Soil inventory
Herbarium collection
Edaphic survey
Climate survey
Ecological survey
Engineering and geological survey 
Hydro geological , drainage and hydrological survey
Photo fixation and stereo photogrammetric works .

Draft of the restoration project is under development now, that  includes high priority works such as sanitary lumbering, demolishing of  non-relevant buildings, terms of reference on all needed works.

2.     Restoration works in the Monrepos Park are maintained within the project "Conservation of the cultural heritage and ways of its operation in Russia"

Project  "Mansion and park of the former Monrepos-Park of XVIII-XIX cc. : Restoration  for museum and exhibition purposes" 

The following information and documentation has been compiled:

1. Amount of research work with detailed methods and outcomes;
2.  Facts and findings of the research work;
3. Results of the expertise with a list of references that were used during the process;
4. Historical iconography (photocopies of historical plots, schemes, photos, copies of historical documents);
5. Historical and cultural site plan;
6. Other documents, verifying outcomes and conclusions of the expertise.

The works were conducted within the requirements of the Federal Law dated 25.06.2002 N 73-FL "On historical heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation", and the Resolution of the Government of RF dated 15.07.2009 N 569 "On the federal historical and cultural expertise".  The works were carried out by the independent experts authorized  by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

All documents are submitted to the Department on Federal  Protection of the Cultural Heritage of  Leningrad region. The result of the first step of restoration project  should be the Statement on the results of the federal historical and cultural expertise with all annexes.


Complex scientific research

Historical, archive and bibliographic researches.

Architectural survey.

1. The mansion
2. Library wing
3. The gardener’s House
4. Greenhouse

Photo fixation of the current  technical  condition of buildings

1. The mansion
2. Library wing
3. The gardener’s House
4. Greenhouse
5. The park

Technical survey of fragments and buildings’ constructions

1. The mansion
2. Library wing
3. The gardener’s House
4. Greenhouse

Preliminary architectural and archeological survey 

Research project documentation

Preliminary design

 1. Explanatory notes
1.1  Explanatory notes. The park.
1.2  Explanatory notes. The mansion.
1.3  Base line documentation.
2. Site plan
2.1.1 Site plan of the park
2.1.2 Site plan of the small architectural constructions and accomplishment
2.1.3 Site plan of maintenance zone
2.2 Dendro project . Restoration of the plantations.
2.3 Restoration and reconstruction of the drainage system 
2.4 Restoration and cleaning of water ponds   in the park
3. Architectural solutions
3.1.1  The Mansion
3.1.2 Restoration of facades and interiors
3.2.1 The library wing
3.2.2 Restoration of facades and interiors
3.3.1  Office building with winter garden
3.3.2 Restoration of facades.
3.4   Maintenance building.
3.5  Car -parking place
3.6  Café building
3.7  Hangar for garden furniture.
3.8  Methodological recommendations on restoration.
4.  Constructional and spatial solutions 
4.1.  Constructional and spatial solutions of buildings 
4.1.1 The mansion.
4.1.2 The library wing
4.1.3  Office building with winter garden
4.1.4  Maintenance building
4.1.5  Car-parking place 
4.1.6  Café building
4.1.7  Hangar for garden furniture
4.2. Technological and constructional solutions for hydro technical  facilities 
4.2.1  Reconstruction of 4 pierces and berths for ferries  
4.2.2  Restoration of water front line
4.2.3  Reconstruction of ground dam and Rozental dam.


3.     Restoration works in the Monrepos Park are maintained within the project “Conservation of the cultural heritage and ways of its operation in Russia”.

 The following scientific, research and project works

The lay out of the project together with the Statement on historical and cultural expertise is ready and will be submitted to the regional department on historical heritage issues of Leningrad oblast.

Next step is to get the approval from the State ecological expertise, Federal agency on fishery and to present the project at the public hearings.