By the year 2017the restoration project of Monrepos park has received all alignments. Many years of hard work on studying the archives, scientific, archaeological, ecological exploration shave finally paid off.

There restoration project includes: The Mansion, The Library wing, the Gardener’s house, the green house, the main entrance gates, water spring «Narcissus», the boulder fence, boat docks (2), the main dock, the dock on the island Palatka, the Ludvigstain crossing, and also there will done work onstrengthening of the shoreline, dredging, melioration of the bottom part of the park, restoration of the gardens.

There will be a new built gas boiler house, the administrative building, there will be done some work to provide easy access for the disabled, also there will be built a cafeteria, there will be arranged tourist routes, a bus stop, gardening equipment, a building for gardening tools storage, a cash pavilion, network engineering, a security signalization system.

The objects not included in to the project: the Broglio’s brothers obelisk, the Column, the guest outhouse, the Capella, the gates and the necropolis on the island of  Ludwigstain, the pavilion «Neptune’s temple».

The restoration works are planned to begin this spring. According the plan, it will take three years for the Monrepos park to return to its historical form. While these restoration events will be held the park will not be closed for guests. During the restoration works the park will not be closed for guests.