New Year is the most favorite holiday we look forward to.Moreover, it was a great occasion to gather in the Monrepos Park, and to take place in New Year performance "The park full of wonders" .
In the program were Santa Claus with his cheerful and fun competitions, the Snow Maiden, which began a fascinating journey through the pages of the fabulous history of the Monrepos Park. She told about the creator of the Monrepos Park— Ludwig Heinrich von Nicolai. And the heroes, who told about the Monrepos Park, owners, how this romantic, the only one rocky landscape park in Russia was created.
Who are these heroes? Fairy tea pavilions, who told about son of Ludwig Nicolai— Paul. The park received its completeness during Pauls period. Lars Shepherd, as descended from the pages of a poem Ludwig Nicolai "Mon Repos estate in Finland," told the story of his love for the nymph Silm and other inhabitants of the Monrepos PArk. They helped the visitors in their own way to look at this amazing place full of legends and true stories the The Monrepos Park is "park, full of wonders"at any time of the year.