The Monrepos-Park National Historical Architectural and Natural Museum has started to implement the project “Conservation of the cultural heritage and ways of its operation in Russia”
Basic information:
1. Objectives of the project to support safety, correct storage and operation of the cultural heritage facilities, to strengthen the institutional potential of cultural establishments in the region.
2. Project territory         Leningrad, Pskov, Novgorod and Tver regions
3. Project duration         6 years (2010-2016)
4. Participants
           Ministry of Finance of RF
           Ministry of Culture of RF
           Regional and local authorities
           Foundation of investment construction projects in St.Petersburg
5. The project “Restoration of architectural and horticultural park “The Monrepos manor” was selected among other applications and an agreement on the project implementation was signed by the Ministry of finance and the Leningrad oblast authorities.
6.The budget of the project
The estimated cost of the project is
          728 820 000,0 rbl  out of which
          660 110 000,0 rbls will come from the federal budget and credit and
          68 710 000,0  rbls will come from the regional and local budgets.
The total costs of the project is subject to be changed due to tender and design results.
7. Steps:
I – design and cost estimate on restoration and reconstruction works
II  - restoration and reconstruction  works of architectural monuments
III – restoration and reconstruction works of architectural monuments, landscaping works
IV – Restoration and renovation of rooms’ interior , landscaping works
    Starting from the year  2012 steps II, III, IV are conducted simultaneously.
As a result of an international tender, two project organizations ZAO “Novaja Era” and OOO “Architectural buro “Liteinaja chast -91” were commissioned to develop a scientific project and technical planning for the Monrepos-park .
8. Project outcomes: (to be achieved   in mid and long time perspectives)
  • Increasing of tourist flow  and duration of stay in Vyborg 
  • Creation of new tourist and excursion routes
  • Development of tourist sector and supporting industries
  • Increasing of budget income
  • Diversification of the economy of Vyborg region
  • Further development of service industry
  • Development of sea commuting transport  
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